The nail mycosis often starts at the big toe. The results are brittle, grooved nails and discoloration. Since the nail is a protective organ of the tip of the toe, the nail disease should be diagnosed and treated quickly.

If the toe nail is severely deformed, it can also happen that it grows in. The skin around the toenail or also the nail bed can become inflamed. Untreated, the nail fungus progresses further and further and can become chronic in the worst case.

The risk of developing a fungal infection of the nails increases with age. Most frequently affected are persons over the age of 65 – of them almost every second person suffers from a nail fungal disease. The reason for this is that the condition of the nails and the immune system deteriorates increasingly over the course of life, so that the entry of germs into the nail tissue becomes easier with age.

Diabetics are particularly at risk because they often exhibit a combination of risk factors: weakened immune system, circulatory disorders of the feet and sensitivity disorders.

Athletes are also among the risk groups for nail mycosis. In communal showers, changing rooms and sports shoes, the climate is one in which the fungi spread quickly.

If a nail fungus is treated early and consistently, it usually heals within a few months without permanent damage. It is important that the foot treatment is carried out consistently. Because even when the symptoms have subsided, spores can still be on the skin and lead to a renewed outbreak of nail fungus.

Visit a doctor is necessary in this case. He may take a nail sample and initiate the appropriate therapy for nail fungus.
Nail fungus must always be treated, because it does not heal on its own. Depending on the severity of the infection, there are different therapies. If less than half of the nail is infected, the consistent application of fungicidal local nail polishes and creams is usually sufficient.

The therapy therefore lasts until the affected nail areas have grown out completely. We will be happy to assist you with the correct handling at home

That you can walk again without pain!​

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