Ingrown nails, in the technical language Unguis incarnatus mentioned, are a frequent and painful foot suffering, torment concerning all age groups and that often for years. The complaints range from slight pressure pain to massive inflammation.

An ingrown nail can have different causes. For example, the wrong technique when cutting the nail. If the toe nail is cut too far down at the edges, it can happen that it then grows more easily into the surrounding nail bed.

Too tight shoes: If uncomfortable and too tight shoes are often worn, it can happen that the toenail grows in, especially on the side. Heavy sweating on the feet softens the skin around the nail and increases the risk of ingrown toenails.

Unguis incarnatus can also occur more frequently in families. Some people have a predisposition for wider nail beds. The congenital anatomical conditions of the nail bed therefore also play a role.


The podiatrist can make corrections to ingrown toenails using various brace techniques. The braces are individually adjusted according to the nail plate and fixed to the nail edges. The resulting material tension relieves the often painful nail fold. The advantage over surgical methods is the immediate relief of pain. The constant tension of the braces results in a permanent correction of the nail and the nail bed.

Depending on the condition of the nail, the therapy lasts about 10-14 months. The advantage of the orthonyxia brace is the immediate pain relief of the patient.

That you can walk again without pain!​

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