The foot care of trust

If you love your feet, you have to take care of them.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter. Each season has different requirements.
The possible consequences are not only visual, but also cause more damage and pain.

I like to treat strained feet and am also happy to beautify your feet visually.

I want you to go home satisfied with well-groomed and healthy feet.

My podology services​

Podological foot treatment (medical foot care)
Treatment of ingrown nails
Nail changes / nail fungus
Sanding of thickened nails
Corn removal
Removal of cornea and calluses
Maintenance of rhagades (cracks)
Nail corrections (nail clamps)
Nail prosthetics (restoration of missing nail pieces)
Foot and lower leg massage
Cosmetic foot care

Podology helps with

unkempt aching feet
Ingrown, thickened nails
cornifications, calluses, rhagades (cracks) on toes, pads and/or heels
Physical movement restrictions
Diabetes (diabetes)
Patients with blood thinning
patients with arterial/venous insufficiency
Time and lack of desire to care for the feet themselves

Therefore, prevention by a trained specialist (podiatrist) is particularly important.
Regular podological foot care is crucial in the “fight” against such complaints.

Pedicure is simply necessary!

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