Massages that get under the skin

Classical Massage

Classical massage is the external, manual treatment of complaints in the area of the musculoskeletal system through pressure, pulling, shaking, stroking and tapping. With the help of classical massage, diseased internal organs can also be influenced favourably. Massage is understood as stimulation therapy to which the organism responds. The classical massage is also known as “Swedish massage”, as its technique was developed at the turn of the century by the Swede Henri Peter Ling.

Lymph drainage (after surgery)

The lymphatic vessel system is the most important transport system in the body besides the bloodstream and also plays an important role in the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage can always help if lymph fluid accumulates in the tissue and causes swelling of a leg or arm, for example. The lymph drainage can be impaired, for example, after an operation, when the skin incision cuts through the lymph channels

The principle of lymphatic drainage are rhythmic, circular and pumping movements that stimulate the drainage. The movements are very gentle, as the superficial lymph channels run close under the skin.

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