Hair removal made easy

Hair removal with wax

You long for soft, hairless skin, but shaving causes redness, shaving spots and ingrown hairs? Waxing is a gentle and fast method to get rid of unwanted hair.

Hair removal by means of warm wax is done on the cleanest, driest possible skin. The hairs should be 0.5-1 cm long so that they can be covered by wax. The warm, not hot, wax is applied with a wooden spatula.

Then wait until the wax is dry and can be touched without sticking to the hands. The mass is then pulled off jerkily against the direction of growth. This is repeated in the whole desired area until all hairs have been removed.

Ideally, hair removal with wax lasts 4-6 weeks, with fine hairs growing back in the last week.

Permanent hair removal IPL/Laser

For many women as well as men, the permanent removal of your body hair is an advantage, because the traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing and plucking do not bring long-lasting success, have to be repeated over and over again and are sometimes painful.

Although for a successful treatment about 6 to 10 sessions are necessary, the principle of the IPL / laser technology, that certain light rays are absorbed by the dark color pigment “melanin” in the shaft of the hair and the light energy is converted into heat and thus destroys the protein of the hair root, is leading.

1 -2 -3 - and the hairs are gone!​

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