Gel Nail Modeling Initiation Course


  • Nail History
  • Correct choice of materials and their effects on nails
  • Skin structure
  • Nail structure
  • Nail diseases and their main causes
  • Modeling of Artificial Nails:
    • Nail Preparation
    • Application of molds
    • Nail construction
    • Apex and stress zone
    • Concave
    • Convex
    • Tunnel
    • Curvature c
  • Artificial Nail Removal Technology
  • Tool disinfection and sterilization
  • Tool storage
  • Choosing a UV or LED lamp for gel curing
  • Drills and tips
  • Introduction to Russian manicure (dry manicure)

Hours: 16hs – 2 days from 9 am to 6 pm

Date: 27 and 28 November

VanMa Beauty GmbH
Klosbachstrasse 37 (1. Stock), 8032 Zürich


Value: CHF 779.00

About Gel Nail Modeling Technique

Nail modeling is the application of artificial material (gel) to natural nails, which provides them with durability and aesthetic appearance.

Its polymerization (hardening) takes place under the influence of special lamps that transmit ultraviolet rays.

Stretching and shaping the nail can only be done with gel or acrylic.

For the stretching procedure, it can be performed with the help of tips (plastic extenders) or molds (plasticized paper molds).

The modeling of gel nails is increasingly sought after all over the world, it can have the shape, color, design and glitter that our client wants.

Why should you take this course?

The gel nail initiation course any professional can take.

The course has a low investment and immediate return.

Nowadays, gel nails are much sought after for the aesthetic appearance that natural nails can give, from the high shine to the artistic creations that can be performed on them.

Know that the gel is the solution for people who are sad and discouraged with their crumbling nails, a before and after photo can lead to a tear in the corner of your client’s eye.

This aesthetic procedure is fast and highly profitable, a way to increase your customer base, and a treatment to add to your range of services.

Acrylic Flowers3D Level I Course


  • Background Gradient Technique
  • Foil application
  • Design and design positioning
  • Application of acrylic to design
  • Paint gel painting
  • Introduction to fine lines

Hours: 8hs – 1 day from 9 am to 6 pm

Date: 29 November

VanMa Beauty GmbH
Klosbachstrasse 37 (1. Stock), 8032 Zürich

Value: CHF 219.00

Why should you take this course?

Acrylic flowers 3D is a nail art course for all professionals in the field of artificial nails.

It contains lessons in the following nail art techniques: background gradient, foil application, 3D acrylic, paint gel painting and fine lines.

3D flowers are very popular nowadays by clients, all types of clients, this technique is the delight of anyone, including brides.

Did you know that nail art can add value to your service?

Did you know that for each nail decorated you can get extra income?

If you like art, you have clients who like nail art, and you want to evolve and enhance your service… This workshop is for you.

Don’t miss this opportunity!


Curso Iniciação de Modelagem de Unhas de Gel

Hours: 16hs – 2 days from 9 am to 6 pm

Date: 27 and 28 November 2021

Value: CHF 779.00


Curso Acrylic Flowers 3D Nível I

Hours: 8hs – 1 day from 9 am to 6 pm

Date: 29 November 2021

Value: CHF 219.00

Curso Iniciação de Modelagem de Unhas de Gel + Curso Acrylic Flowers 3D Nível I

Hours: 24hs – 3 days from 9 am to 6 pm

Date: 27, 28 and 29 November 2021

Value: CHF 890.00

Marta Vieira - Nail Artist, Trainer and Competitor

I’m Marta Vieira Professional nails since 2010 and I come to tell you a little about my professional evolution during these 11 years.

I took my course in gel nails in 2010, in order to bring me a
extra tuition and thus help me pay my academic expenses. The truth is that very soon I realized that I was a love, and my priority was no longer my academic course, but earning enough to take training in the area of ​​nails.

I worked a lot, for 4 years I went to several Aesthetic Centers in various locations, which made me grow a lot at a professional level and allowed me to analyze how this business works.

In 2014 I opened my first office, which didn’t take long to become known.

Over the years I have always tried to be better each day, enrich my profession and feed it with quality training.

In 2021 I opened my second business in this field. I already have a wide range of national and international training, I belong to a solid competition team in the area of ​​nails and I am a trainer.

I can’t say what fascinates me most about nails, everything fascinates me. The structure makes us architects, and nail art history artists.
I haven’t given up on my dream and I’m going to help you make yours come true.

We don’t do nails… we are nail artists

Marta Vieira

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