Treatments to eliminate nail fungus

There are various treatment methods that can be used. Whether an external treatment is sufficient depends on the severity of the nail fungus. If the fungus on the affected nails is already far advanced, only cooperation with a doctor and a podiatrist will help.

Information on the treatment of nail fungus (mycosis)

The earlier the treatment begins, the quicker it will be successful. If a maximum of 3 nails are affected and no more than 70% of the nail surfaces are affected, special fungal nail polishes, ointments and tinctures can be used to treat the fungus. If fungal spores have already penetrated the nail bed, the nail that grows back will also be infected again and again. In this case, only drug treatment with tablets prescribed by the doctor can help.

In a first step, the infected areas of the nail plate are gently removed and roughened with a small cutter. The nail becomes more permeable and absorbs the active ingredients of the applied antifungal agents better.

The treatment can take several months to over a year until the new nail grows back healthy and free of fungal infestation.

The customer has to participate by regularly using special nail tinctures. You also have to apply a special foot care cream to your feet every day. Sufficient lipid and moisture levels stabilize the skin barrier.

Consistent nail care is necessary so that the new nail plate can grow out fungus-free.


Information on the treatment of nail fungus (mycosis) with laser

Persistent and widespread nail fungus is often treated with tablets containing antifungal (antifungal) agents. For some patients, however, this systemic treatment is not possible - either because the drugs must not be taken or because they cause side effects.

Laser therapy for nail fungus is a promising alternative for those affected, as it has few side effects.

Laser therapy is often used to supplement drug treatment in order to shorten it and get rid of the fungus faster

How does laser treatment work? The laser heats the nail—not enough to destroy it, but enough to hit and kill the nail fungus spores.

Treatment with a nail fungus laser is primarily based on the severity of the symptoms. A nail fungus laser treatment usually extends over a few months, with sessions taking place one to four weeks apart. A session usually only lasts a few minutes. All affected nails are irradiated individually.


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