Basic Course VMB Dipping Powder

VMB Basic Training

Duration: 16 hours with theory and practice


VMB Cosmetics is a brand created to meet the needs and satisfaction of our customers.

We offer you the opportunity to get to know and use these high quality products in order to achieve excellent results and offer your customers innovation, quality, safety and beauty.

Our training and sales department is always available to answer your questions, offer support and help with everything necessary to succeed with the products.

Target Group

This course was developed and designed for professionals in this field, such as Manicure, pedicure, beauty professionals and nail experts.


The concept of the brand.
Use of the products.
Working methodology: step by step.
Execution of the VMB technique in practice with natural nail color and extension. Preparation and cleaning of the nails.

Application of the VMB technique with natural nail color.
Selection and application of tips.
Application of the VMB technique with color in nails with extension. Natural and extended nail constructions.

Methods of manual and machine modeling. Finishing method.
Nail color removal technique and its procedures for the VMB products. Cleaning technique and their care for the VMB products.
Proof of cleanliness of products and brushes.

Implementation of the VMB technique in French manicure and with extension in practice. Application of the VMB technique in the French manicure.
Selection and application of tips.
Application of the VMB Technique in the French manicure with extension.

Technique of natural nail construction with tips. Application of the construction in French manicure. Forming and finishing techniques.

MATERIAL included in the course

Starter Kit:
1- Pre Pond – (cleaning nail base)
1- Gel Base Coat – (ensures perfect absorption of the powder)
1- Activator
1- Gel Top Coat – (to seal the hardened powder layers) 1 Vitamin Oil – Maintenance oil
1- Brush Saver – (for cleaning the used brushes)
1- Gel Remover (for removing powder layers without acetone)
1- VMB 51 – Dark Pink
1- VMB 52 – Natural Pink
1- VMB 32 – French White
1- French Dip Moulding
1- Nail file
1- Manual

Course completion certificate


Necessary material (take with you on the day of the course): – Nail drill (if available)
– Spatula for the cuticle
– Pliers

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